About Us

Veret is the frontend developer and co-founder of Dark Souls Deaths. When he heard there was a death counter variable in every save game, he was inspired to make a user-friendly way for players to see their death counts and compare stats. He also has a bit of a thing for graphs.

FaceTank is the backend developer and shorter, beardier co-founder of Dark Souls Deaths. He designed the DB and wrote Python in order to glue all this together.



eur0pa first discovered how to extract a player's death count from their save file, using what we can only assume is black magic. You can still run the original Python script (requires Python 2.7) if this site isn't working for you.

darkdeus is responsible for the beautiful background screenshots on every page. You can view the full gallery on flickr.



Site questions and feedback: admin@darksoulsdeaths.com

Technical support: admin@darksoulsdeaths.com

Legal inquiries: admin@darksoulsdeaths.com

Hate mail: support@gfwl.microsoft.com