Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My death count is really high/low! I totally suck/rule at this game!
A: That's not actually a question, but it seems to be the #1 misconception among our visitors. Please don't read too much meaning into people's death counts—this game was never meant to discourage dying! Some players are cautious, some are bold, and some are kamikaze lemmings, but all of them have a valid playstyle. (Except the ones who hack for PvP. Fuck you people.)


Q: My death count seems off. What gives?
A: So far as we know, this does not count the times you died as a phantom. The details are a little fuzzy on how this works.


Q: Are you going to support Dark Souls II?
A: We hope so! A whole lot of things have to happen first, though:

  1. The game gets released for PC (April 25th)
  2. We play the game (April 25th until May sometime at least. We aren't speedrunners.)
  3. We crack open a save file and find the death counter variable, assuming it exists.
  4. We write a whole bunch of code in our free time, between jobs/games/life. Patience!


Q: Are you going to support consoles?
A: Possibly, if saves work the same way. Please send us your console save files for testing if you have them! Note that, whatever we come up with, you'll still be on your own for getting the file out of your console and onto the site.


Q: I got a python error/"Did not input a valid file". What's wrong?
A: Not sure, but we're working on it. The best thing you can do to help is send us your save file and tell us as much as you can about your version of the game—Where did you get it from? What language is it in? Is it pirated/hacked/haunted by malevolent spirits? What are the names of all your characters?